Monday, May 30, 2011

Grungy (yet tznius) ball gown collaborations

Grungy ball gown styles? What has the world come to? On paper it seems weird, but as we all know, not everything perfect on paper and you must look at the person and their actions before judging them. Same to with my latest post. I started to notice a trend where cheap, grungy tops were being paired with elegant ball gown-esque skirts. I first noticed it on, where Leandra (yeah, we're on a first name basis... not), one of my favorite bloggers next to, who is also equally hilarious, wore an H&M grungy sweater, long American Apparel skirt, and a Hermes belt. Then I noticed this trend again on Jack and Jill.. here the girl looks like a working woman... with a ballgown underneath her yeshiva day school skirt.. And then last but not least...there's Mary Kate Steinmiller a cute Teen Vogue fashion editor. Here she wears a classic denim jacket with a sequin dress underneath.

Mary Kate Steinmiller Refinery29
Found on JakandJil
Leanda Medine
Mischa Barton in Teen Vogue October 2007
Now you must be wondering where Judaism ties into this... well let me tell you..All the grunge looks incorporate long skirts and pretty covered up shirts, showing that you dont have to look like a total shlump to complete this look. (plus there's a reference to shidduchscene.blogspot)

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